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In device manager are there any yellow exclamation marks next to any devices? A low-profile heastsink design keeps the P55 chipset cool not that it really needs it and will not interfere with longer graphics cards in either slot. How about at load and the graphics card too? We typically found readings to be within 0. MSI has a new feature on its upcoming P55 boards: Read on to find out! Use MSI Afterburner and set lower or fixed clocks for the graphics card.

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Could well be so try updating from the link provided. Good to hear updating the sound card drivers worked for you. Please login souund register.

MSI P55-GD65 – Mid-Range P55 for the Masses

We check if it trade blows with the big boys to decide whether it’s worth pairing with the popular Core i The second PCIe x1 and first PCI slot will be physically unavailable when utilizing a dual slot video card in both x16 slots. Just hit our doorstep is not one but two MSI P55 boards we’ve dissected to see what’s new and this time around we think MSI will give Asus and Gigabyte a run for their money.

Written by Richard Swinburne. The V-Check option is the blue plastic rectangle with six square holes. Read on to see what’s new, what’s great, and what’s not! Of course, we still have a floppy port why?


Gigabyte p555-gd65 in the goods into this micro-ATX P55 motherboard. Also, MSI has gone back to the drawing board on their heatpipe design with a new setup aptly named SuperPipes. The subtle gunmetal finished heatsink designs are tasteful and certainly leagues better than their old rollercoaster units.

Enable Unofficial OVerclocking and set a fixed 2D clock to be applyed at start up ,see what happens.

MSI P55 GD65 Review |

The two buttons most overclockers are going to use at one point or another. Is it through the onboard sound or a dedicated sound card? In fact, DrMOS temperatures reached We’re rocking the first look boat recently aren’t we? Memory Performance 7 – Subsystem Testing: Read on to find out!

What temperature is your CPU and graphics card running at idle and under load? Basically, the user shuts down the system, presses the button, and starts the system again.

Like the competition, we’ve also been through three BIOS revisions with the MSI and, despite being a little later than others, MSI still managed to get us a few that worked very well at both stock and when overclocked.

Tax MSI’s GD65 might not be the all feature encompassing GD80, but this performance P55 board still has the right mix of sexy looks and features to get all but the most hardcore overclocker really engaged.

We take p55-ge65 first look at these overclocking features, the board’s layout and the new tech that MSI has incorporated.

Temperatures don’t seem to be a problem then. We’ve been testing this board for a few weeks now and we’ve finally come to a verdict – it’s a cracker! With the ability to run a mix of different graphics cards together in multi-GPU setups, and promising performance better than what Nvidia and ATI offer – we put these claims to the test.


MSI’s “OC Genie” is a great technology that offers a hardware based solution to automatic overclocking.

problem with sound in p55 gd65

Read on to find out how we got on! Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Installing the memory with a video card inserted in the first x16 slot is easy.

MSI has a new feature on its upcoming P55 boards: Post Your Comment Please log in or p55–gd65 up to comment. A low-profile heastsink design keeps the P55 chipset cool not that it really needs it and will not interfere with longer graphics cards in either slot.

It’s not all that cheap but it still squeezes in CrossFire and SLI support, as well as plenty of features. We dive through a variety of motherboards to investigate what BIOS mmsi are best over a range of motherboards to overclock the only Lynnfield that UK customers should buy: