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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Here’s my naive design attempt: Where can I find these information? All the resistors contains mark on one side of it’s surface. If you have a current limited supply that will be perfect. Do you think that 90mA is enough for this application? October 6, at

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KIT-Build a High Voltage power supply by using the MC Chip – VFDCLOCK-电子制作网

The circuit is the based on the Step-up structure. You might want to look into some controllers with soft start, current mode control and whatnot. Alarm system modification — Part 8: Calculate out the whole boost circuit and you’ll know what you need. I only had to misfet one trace and wire the transistor and diode off the board.

With reference to the same Texas Instruments datasheet linked above, I would ask if in the components values calculation of page 10, the “Saturation voltage” Vsat parameter we must consider RDSon X Ipk switch with Mosfet instead of power bjt. Tapped coil for MC with external mosfet. It should not be a surprise that the is not necessarily an efficient driver for MOSFET because it is single-ended. Solder the bottom-left part, it contains R4,R5,R7,R3,C6, the R7 and R5 are two 1M resistor in package, they moset connected in serial in the circuit and been placed pretty close on the PCB, so please do short it.


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Am I missing something in the datasheet, or is there some common knowledge about this kind of circuit that I seemingly don’t know about? After what seems a long time investigating, changing circuit configurations, etc, I found that the breadboard I was using had some heat related issues.

KIT-Build a High Voltage power supply by using the MC34063 Chip

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You will actually need to define all your specifications and crunch through those formulas I didn’t verify for accuracy, but just check against the data sheet.

Hi Alex, Sorry for the bad english. Many thanks and excuse me for my english. Adobe Acrobat Document Or to make it easy mozfet is a calculator that will draw a schematic.

All the resistors contains mark on one side of it’s surface.


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Building a SMPS based on the MC – Part 2: Adding an external transistor « insideGadgets

October 4, at 6: Running from a 19V supply and having an output as 12V at 2. Feed on Posts Comments. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Do you think that 90mA is enough for this application? General discussions specifications, use and purchasing advice etc. Specifically, the datasheet doesn’t show how to choose the transistor, resistor, etc.

Beyond that and it will still give you answers, but using the original low current schematic, which I know will not work. We recommend using a soldering station and small soldering tip for soldering this kit we use F2 or CF2 type tip.

Figure 8a in my datasheet on page 5 titled: Has anyone else done this kind of thing?

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