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Results 1 – 6 of 6. Removed option for USAdriverFolder choose driver only. Backup, Restore, and Install reportedly work though. You just have to switch off call answering in the Remote Access control panel before using the MacConnect link, and turn it on again afterwards. Just wondering if anyone has drivers for the white keyspan for OS 9.

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Since there are two ports, I build a small adapter to use the control ks from the second port to provide the other level. Lego has developed a driver for the tower that runs under Mac OS 9.

I have the same problem.

How to recognize [KeySpan] USB conversion adapter on macOS High Sierra(10.13)

Updated address information, added Mac OS X section. IThe 19HS outputs RS signals, which I routes through a to converter, iMac sees it but considers it to be a modem that cannot be changed in the networks control panel. Tue, Jan usa-2x 1: Avid is recommending 19HS from now on.

Usaa-28x Vision Pro 4. You just have to switch off call answering in the Remote Access control panel before using the MacConnect link, and turn it on again afterwards.

Keyspan Usax B Adapter Mac Twin Serial USB Converter With 2 Cables | eBay

Keyspan not working Reply Contact 28x is obsolete. My serial adapter had been unplugged throughout all of this, so I decided to plug it in – and this crashed the computer!


I couldn’t find the link on the tripplite site but the link in your post above, and the driver it downloads, worked perfectly with a clean install of Mac-only model USAx twin serial adapter: I just found out the Keyspan 28x is not supported anymore. Howver, actually getting it from the server did not work for me. The one I had was in fact a USAXB which looks the same and was working with the old XG driver, but it’s just different enough to be unsupported and have this annoying incompatibility with the current driver.

Keyspan USA28X serial adaptor won’t work – Apple Community

This did not work. Talking so much about ‘ drivers’. If you follow the link in my sig you will see I my company use both.

Oct 8, My hope was that, since the OS 9 drive and OS 8 drive seemed to share a. Keyspan usa 49w free driver download official keyspan drivers usb drivers.

Keyspan USB adapters hardware and software matrix

I use the ARA connection to download web pages or other files from the net to my Psion, and to copy emails to it directly from my POP3 account ksa-28x removing them from the POP server.

The computer recovers after a few moments and presents the login screen again, and all is fine from that point on. I am using the 19HS, with the software from Keyspan.


While we have received user reports of various problems with we have not found problems with the Keyspan series as long as the latest driver software is in use, and only one adapter is being used. Some serial devices, including many serial printers, do not have drivers for Mac OS X and. For upload, to avoid MacConnect completely, I sometimes use Psion Email to send files to myself, then collect them from my account with my Mac.

After doing a bit more research it seemed like every upgrade to the MacOS was sketchy concerning keyspan adapters. Posted on Oct 1, 9: I started doing some research after reading this post about having to manually enable support for USB keyspqn Serial keyspan adapters. Everything seems to be working now after uninstalling and reinstalling 2.

DC levels had similar ranges. Posted on Usq-28x 30, 5: Connect the Psion to your Mac with the serial cable. Keyspan serial assistant says the driver is installed but there are no devices.