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The only complaint we had was that memory dividers weren’t explicitly listed, which requires some math on the user’s part to make sure that they’re selecting the right memory speed when overclocking. Skylake chipsets series and Kaby Lake chipsets series. Actual implementations of X do support DDR2 Retrieved 5 November The Nehalem microarchitecture moves the memory controller into the processor.

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This article provides a list of motherboard chipsets made by Inteldivided into three main categories: In addition, certain chipsets may be implemented in motherboards with different processor packages, much like how the FX could be used either with a Pentium Pro Socket 8 or Pentium II Slot 1. Log in Don’t have an account? Stepping B3 of the Intel 6 series chipsets will have the fix for this.

In practice however, newer chipset designs are usually made only for the newer processor packages, and older ones may not be updated to accommodate for recent package designs.

Intel GME Pentium M Mini ITX Motherboard : MB | IBASE

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The only voltage adjustments present on the board are for Vcore, which unfortunately tops out at 1. The Series chipsets codenamed Union Point were introduced along with Kaby Lake processors, which also use the LGA socket; [59] these were released in the first quarter of List of early Intel chipset includes: Retrieved 12 February The Z68 chipset which supports CPU overclocking and use of the integrated graphics does not have this hardware bug.


The Series chipsets codenamed Sunrise Pointfor Skylake processors using the LGA socket, [57] were released in the third quarter of Unfortunately, the biggest problem with overclocking the AOpen as well as the DFI board was that you could hardly overclock the memory bus. So, while there’s headroom in the CPUs even our 1. Skylake chipsets series and Kaby Lake chipsets series. AOpen also placed an Agere FireWire controller on the board; however, they didn’t supply the bracket to actually take advantage of the two ports supported by the controller.

Intel 855GME Pentium M Mini ITX Motherboard : MB890

The Series chipsets were introduced along with Coffee Lake processors, which use the LGA socket; the enthusiast model was released in the last quarter of[61] the rest of the line will be released in Can’t Use Desktop Chipsets Problem 2: Yes up to four.

Pentium 4-MCeleronCeleron M. Xeon, Pentium M [29]. Archived from the original PDF on The chipsets are listed in chronological order.


Triton II [19] [20]. Views Read Edit View history.

List of Intel chipsets – Wikipedia

Retrieved 5 November Actual implementations of X do support DDR2 A new feature for the latest Intel chipsets is hardware virtualization support Intel VT-d. Retrieved from ” https: Not listed below is the chipset see Xeon chipsets which is intle with Nehalem mainstream and high-end processors but does not claim core iX-compatibility. The Nehalem microarchitecture moves the memory controller into the processor.

Core 2 Duo, Celeron, Celeron M? This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat Intel x86 microprocessors Chipsets Intel chipsets Lists of computer hardware.

I’m setting up a new Dell Inspiron M 1.