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Nice article I wrote a blog about accessing self signed certs and https using phantomjsdriver http: Webdriver Unable to connect to host Take a look at my geb-demo project on GitHub to see profiles in action. You need to then add the ghostdriver jar to run phantomjs tests in Geb. November von Saikat.

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In simple scripts, it is enough to create a Browser instance and fireflx its drive method. Testing automation firefox Selenium. After doing so, the Browser automatically delegates all unknown method calls to this object. Check if Firefox version bit or bit There are several versions of GeckoDriver depending on OS and bit or bit version. Try to upgrade the driver to a more recent version. To get a full list of sauce labs Operating systems and configurations, refer to their browsers page documentation.

Download the appropriate release preferred to be a recent one based on whether your Firefox is bit or bit and the OS version. If you want to start playing around with Geb immediately, just open up a Groovy Shell normally via groovysh and type in the following lines. The latest version of this driver is 1.

Another highlight is the asynchronous content lookup. I need some help to understand about the Spock framework with Groovy for AT automation. Usually the reason for this error is that the version of Selenium Server is not compatible with Firefox and does not know how to work with the newer version of Firefox. heb


Integrating Geb with FitNesse using the Groovy ConfigSlurper

Also, since this file is a GebReportingSpec i. I would like to know do we have any option to mouseover to the main menu and verify the sub menu option. Geb is a Groovy library, but you can use it for any application you want. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. But when it comes to the technical implementation of the test cases, you are often forced to use the rather fierfox WebDriver API directly.

I already have Geb with maven not Grails and this was just the article I was looking for! Micheal, In my current project i am stuck while using GEB for automation and i need to discuss with you privately for those.

Hi All, I would like to evaluate Geb with Spock for my project requirements.

Geb Programmer : How to execute Geb with different browsers

In order to use this, you need to add the remote driver dependency in BuildConfig. Adding Geb and Spock: If you use old version of Firefox 46 and latest version of Selenium Selenium 3. Tests are often treated as second-class citizens.


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Hi,I have a main menu with 4 options when i mouse over on main menu i will get a sub menu, figefox i have links to click. This post focuses on the technical side of automated acceptance tests for web applications.

Our config then looks as follows: It would be nice to pull together.

Tests with Geb, Firefox 52 with Selenium GeckoDriver 18

And you can easily iterate over the result-set like we do cirefox the next example. Michael, Thanks for a lot of info about GEB and groovy. Area of interest – automation, artificial intelligence, optimization, quantum computing. Firefoz for JBehave or cucumber-jvm is also possible with the BindingUpdater.

Does any one tried testing web services with Geb. Similar pages are represented by objects of the same class. Due to the high number of version and platforms you need to be sure that what you are using is compatible with Selenium.