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Do you have any idea for windows 10? I can once again use my amazing Wacom tablet like I want to!! But with the age of the hardware we are trying to revive you never know. Hate to toss something as fine as this old GD R. Unfortunately the results were the same: But what the hell!

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A kind word of warning. Thankfully my new PC still had classic DB9 Serial ports on the back so hooking it directly was not even an issue. Before you install Windows 8 you should know that there is no Win compatibility mode anymore.

I knew it was possible, as I had the Intuos GD working before on the same laptop, but it had messed up and I was flummoxed. Thanks for letting me know how it worked out for you! Thank you so much.

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Customizing The Pop-up Menu Setting Right- 092 Left-handed Operation An old geek from the TV studios! So, what worked for me is very simple: Things To Know Before Installation Since this tutorial will talk about extraction using WinRAR no special changes are required. Thx 4 your tutorial Now i can use my gu on windows 8. Thanks for taking the time to share your fix!


Original Wacom GDR on Windows 7 x64 – S-Config

The very first thing you do of course is download the file off of the Wacom website. Click Force Adjustment You may receive an update driver warning. If you have a local chain store which has a good return policy you can give a serial USB card a try as well. Thank you for being so concise and informative.

Special notes about the Adobe CS collection: Do not click on the file! Why have another device thrown in the landfill? Worked getting an old GDR up and running on W7. Drawing With Pressure I hope this blog entry was at least visually pleasing versus going through the endless forums messages. Working With The Tablet Adding A New Tool Click Yes to continue.

Control Panel Buttons After spending a lot of time searching the web and reading through dozens of forums I found a solution that worked for me. The utility allows you to check without a paint package running and make sure that at the very least your wacom is talking t windows fine.


T is normal as we are forcing the driver into windows 7. Any way to get this working with Windows 8 or Windows 10? The same with GIMP.

Linking To The Web Thanks in advance for your help and support!!! Advanced Tip Pressure Settings