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For more information, see “Adjusting brightness” on page Changing from one display to another After you have set up the second display on your convertible tablet PC to be a television, you can quickly switch between viewing the display on the LCD panel and viewing it on the television. To delete files or folders: The AC adapter has dangerous voltages that can cause serious injury or death. To view the drives on your convertible tablet PC: Always use the pen that came with your convertible tablet PC. Do not cover the adapter with papers or other items that will reduce cooling, and do not use the adapter while it is inside a carrying case.

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The following table compares the various wireless Ethernet network types. Connect the port replicator to this port. For more information, see “LED status indicators” on page Store thepen in the Gateway convertible tablet PC’spen holder.

Full text of “Gateway Laptop Service Manual: M USER MANUAL”

Visit manufacturer site for details. You can access Web sites to shop, track investments, read the news, download programs, and much more. This process may take several minutes. Checking the hard drive for errors The Error-checking program examines the hard drive for physical flaws and file and folder problems. On this template, you insert information fields that automatically import values you enter in both the Send Fax Wizard and the Fax Configuration Wizard when ,275 send your fax.


Stop the currently gatewa DOS program.

Gateway M LED Button Board DA00A8TB8D | eBay

To completely turn off all convertible tablet PC power, turn your convertible tablet PC off, remove the battery, and disconnect the AC adapter from the electrical outlet. Sometimes Web pages display slowly. Be careful hateway to damage the LCD panel, or unplug the keyboard ribbon cable.

Windows Basics Opening a document To view, revise, or print an existing document, first you need to open it. Any nutton would be greatly appreciated.

Save the battery for times when you cannot use a power adapter. For more information, see “Turning on the Power on Lid Lift feature” on page Overheating of a PC Card can result in errorsor instability in the card’s operation.

Gateway M275 LED Button Board DA00A8TB8D

Before you clean your convertible tablet PC, turn if off, unplug it from its power source, and remove the battery. The Gateway Application Loader buttoon installs your drivers and programs.


The Pad Lock status indicator appears when this function is turned on. Plug an analog VGA monitor into this port.

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For more information, see “Telephone numbers” on page It provides instructions for installing and configuring Ethernet networking on your notebook.

The new folder name appears by the folder icon. The Gateway M has great performance when running office and content-creation apps. Using the Internet 88 www.

Stylistic ST and Gateway M For the location of your microphone jack, see “Left Side” on page 3 and “Back” on page Position the agteway over the object. If power is interrupted, the information is lost. For more information, see “Searching for files” on page You may also like.

A copy of the file is downloaded to your convertible tablet PC. The pen has electronics in it, so it should not be exposed to or immersed in liquids.