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At that time, there was no other technology available that would let you laser etch a design to the label side of an optical disc. This shouldn’t be used in “mass production” for labeling period. As to circles and poor resolution I could only complain when I used the low-res mode or my picture was fuzzy to begin with. How about Light Flash? I mean your discs then UV shouldn’t be a problem even clear glass bloicks most UV. This Universal LightScribe Template collection gives your creativity a helping hand, stunning labels are now only a few mouse clicks away.

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The steps involved are the same also for CDs. In addition to the Video Training that comes with the LightScribe Toolbox Premium you get access to me via my personal email address.

Gateway DL Dvd±rw DVD Burner With Light Scribe Drive Ku0080e012831039d92600

The fastest I’ve seen is 2 minutes for a title only. But the relatives are not likely to have more than a mp3 disc player as the highest level of technology, so this is the best media choice for them.

Nowadays, such drives are found mostly in their laptops. Simple Question Are the hardware and discs proprietary? Off the wall idea yes, but have found answers by unconventional means before Light Scribe vs Label Flash.

If you’re asking for technical help, please be sure to include all your system info, including operating system, model number, and any other specifics related to the problem.


The introduction of this technology offered people an alternative to both the smear-prone labels printed on inkjet direct-to-disc printers and adhesive labels that can cause problems when used with high-speed or slot loading optical disc drives. Next, you need software that knows how to burn such labels.

How to Burn Labels on the Back of Your Discs (CDs & DVDs) | Digital Citizen

You can imagine that we were curious to test it and see if it is new “hybrid” is a good choice for laptop and tablet users. Making life easy I want to make your LightScribe life even easier, so you get these too: If you have a question I have not covered please contact me HERE However, if I have covered your question, and you are happy with the answer, then I hope you will order your own copy of the LightScribe Toolbox Premium.

W e all want g orgeous, easy to create LightScribe labelsbut to do that we need LightScribe Software that is:. Luckily, you will find plenty of them on Amazon. DiscT 2 was scrapped in but later developed further into what is now known as Labelflash technology, which was released in December of If you are from the UK, try this pack: First person to ever say something good about Lightscribe.

The LightScribe Simple Labeler allows you to write two text entries and select a border to separate them. Or when on a site like best buy having that feature included in search options. Normal use vs abuse. What if I have a PC crash in a couple of years, can I get the software again?

You can use this application to create a more special disc label and then do the burning with the LightScribe Simple Labeler. I gteway leaning towards an HP Pavillion that has an 11 cell battery and lasts llightscribe 5 hours on a charge I have read a lot of negative experiences with people using the Light Scribe, taking 30 minutes to label one disc, unwanted circles, poor resolution etc.


A complete list of companies using this technology can be found here. As to circles and poor resolution I could only complain when I used the low-res mode or my picture was fuzzy to begin with. You can only use Lightscribe discs with a Lightscribe burner, and Labelflash discs with a Labelflash burner.

Light Scribe vs Gateways Label Flash??

New Software The Premium version of the LightScribe Toolbox contains changes that make it even ea sier to install especially on computers running Windows The number of companies using this technology is smaller though. On normal discs you cannot print custom labels.

They manufacture not only wireless routers but also mesh WiFi systems. Now that you have a LightScribe disc and all the required software installed, let’s see how to use the LightScribe Simple Labeler to burn a basic label on lightsctibe back of the disc. Previously a big problem for LightScribe.