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For comparison here is a shot as it came out of the camera and the same shot with post-processed sharpening. Here’s all that’s available:. Visit our network of sites: I really like this camera. The building on the right side of this photo illustrates what barrel distortion means in real world terms.

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When shooting in Manual exposure mode, the Fujifilm Ffd offers a lot of useful tools for controlling exposure parameters.

The FinePix Ffd earns a somewhat hesitant recommendation from me, though I’d take a close look at the competition.

Bottom line here, the camera is a little on the slow side in general, but should be able to handle normal photo opportunities just fine.

The camera’s very high maximum ISO settings are helpful in darker conditions, but we recommend sticking to ISO or below. At first, I was annoyed by the fact that you had to use the virtual mode dial to dinepix the menu system. While it didn’t find faces as well as some other cameras I tested, it does have the ability to find faces in positions other than “head on”.

FinePix F100fd (Discontinued Model)

You should also note that the High-Speed modes limit resolution to 2, x 1, pixels, which helps timings considerably. The main event on the back of the FinePix Ffd is its 2.

Though we don’t give it a full recommendation for consumers for its insufficient low light performance, we think it’s a good enough option if you agree to use flash indoors. The wide zoom range is a big benefit. The FinePix Ffd fukifilm an average bundle. Here’s how that translates into battery life:. The camera is well put together for the most part, with my only complaints being the plastic tripod mount, and the fact that you can’t access the memory card slot while the camera’s on a tripod.


July 31, Last updated: With so many advanced features, Fujifilm didn’t neglect the basics. Shot-to-shot speeds ranged from around 1. Not an easy product to find in the US.

So far, I can live with not having an optical viewfinder and I’ll just be sure to carry a spare battery. In addition to exposure compensation, you can also control the camera’s metering mode, which offers Multi, Spot, and Average options.

Fujifilm FinePix Ffd review: The wide angle capability of the lens makes capturing landscapes, architecture, or family and friends in big groups easier to fit into the frame, while the other end of this versatile zoom, brings your subject closer fujiilm clearer. The Ffd lost the aperture and shutter priority controls of the F50fd, but gains the latest generation sensor and processor, as well as a wider and longer zoom lens. Does the feature actually work?

FUJIFILM FinePix Ffd Digital Camera B&H Photo Video

I am so impressed with this camera, I f00fd the size I am able to keep it in my purse so I can take it everywhere I go and not miss photo opportunities.

While the crops below give you a quick overview, I highly recommend f00fd the full-size images to get the full picture no pun intended. Fujifilm now takes you beyond ultra sensitivity and extends dynamic range for photos with more detail in both shadow and highlights.


It can detect up to ten faces, whether they’re looking at you, in profile, in motion, and even upside down. Those numbers are typical of a compact camera. You’ll need both of these accessories! For framing images, the Fujifilm Ffd features a large and bright 2.

Fuji FinePix Ffd Review | Digital Camera Resource Page

You can also adjust the dynamic range, which works fairly well, though the ISO goes up accordingly, which may not be desirable. There is some slight softness at the edges and corners, but image impacts from these problems go virtually unnoticed. With its 5x optical zoom lens, wide 28mm lens setting, megapixel resolution, Face Detection, and host of well-apportioned shooting tools, the Fujifilm FinePix Ffd is a pretty good choice for the enthusiast, and a Dave’s Pick in that category, with the qualifier that you should take care to use flash in low light.

The FinePix Ffd is a compact but not tiny camera made mostly of metal. The fujkfilm Graphical User Interface GUI system provides pop-up prompts to guide you through the menu, and makes the camera incredibly easy to use.