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And, are you actually able to “scratch” from a MIDI source using this, or what? I’ve not got much experience with midi and want to use just the DM2’s crossfader, launch buttons and ring. Mon Nov 08, It doesn’t work without the device, so don’t bother downloading it if you don’t have one. Can you assign master tempo to one of the scratch rings on the mixman DM2? I know a few. Hubi’s loopback device is for Win9x.

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I don’t need banks, or multiple asssigns. It’s even easier to turn it into a Conhroller device so as to control other music programs; it is a somewhat popular input device for use with Traktor.

I mixed on ‘s for years, but I’m thinking something lighter may be in order whilst my back still works. Only complaint, though, is there’s no Mac version. The events are generated on the MIDI device of your choice.

It didn’t come with any of the dodgy mixman software Anyway, a number of controllfr have appeared since adding both fixes and new features but a further update — v. You can get the driver and software download from the Digital Blue drivers page. Only thing that Traktor has yet to master is a decent scratch algorithm, it sounds too warbly. You can control almost any parameter within the app via external control….


Return to top of page. Yes, I’ve been waiting for this to happen for a while.

Dm2 Digital Music Mixer by Mixman Mix Scratch Warp

Since Final Scratch now uses Traktor for its softwarepitch shifting is all there. Anyways, It’s just a toy. Otherwise this axis will end up reversed. Support for Audiobus 3 has also been added.

I’ve been wondering how long it would be for someone to put something like this together Is anyone else compeltely baffled by this post? Thu Jan 31, 1: Or to at least attempt to make it usable.

DM2 update – Audionomy’s excellent iOS drum synth app gets MIDI Learn

The only non-default setting is controllee the joystick Y axis, where you want to reverse the minimum and maximum such that cntroller minimum is and the maximum is 0.

In summary, it is moderately complicated but completely possible to turn the Mixman DM 2 into a game controller. Fri Nov 05, You may link to images on this site using a special syntax Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.


So, I sort of understand the whole keyboard as midi-controller thing. I don’t know whether this was really neccesary, but it worked.

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Ableton Link from the off. The DM2 site http: Thanks for the post! Is it going to be as easy as installing all three peices of software, then using Lives midi assign feature?

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Just bought me a DM2. The software that comes with the DM2 is actually fairly amusing, though, so why not give it a whirl?

Of course, the other element is the price…. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.