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Video Off Method This option determines the manner in which the monitor is goes blank. Execute the setup execution file, and then the following dialog will pop up. Item Options Date mm: Modes 0 to 4 will increased performance progressively. Enabled default , Disabled USB 2. Sleep and Suspend power management modes are supported. The system needs to record and update ESCD to the memory locations.

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The Biosrar connectors can connect a master and a slave drive, so you can connect up to two hard disk drives. Disabled default Virus protection is disabled.

In this case, please double check: State after power on. Item Options Date mm: Each category includes no, one or more than one setup items. Fast gives faster performance; and Slow gives more stable performance.

Biostar 865GV Micro 478 Owner’s Manual

Clear the CMOS data. Stop Grant defaultPwrOn Suspend.

Blank Screen This option only writes blanks to the video buffer. If the testing fail, system will do a fail-safe rebooting. In Auto mode, the system automatically determines the best mode for each device. During Disabled, you cannot use this function.


Make sure power cable is securely micrl in. Enabled defaultDisabled Resume by Alarm This function is for setting date and time for your computer to boot up. With a user-friendly Status Animation, it can represent 3 overclock percentage stages: Manual Aside from the paperback manual, we also provide manual in the Driver CD.

PC Health Status This submenu allows you to monitor the hardware of your system. During Enabled,Choose the Date and Time.

The default settings that came with your system have been optimized and therefore should not be changed unless you are suspicious that the settings have been changed incorrectly. HDD Power Down When enabled and after the set time of system inactivity, the hard disk drive will be powered down while all other devices remain active. Overclock Panel contains the these features: Fast gives faster performance; and slow gives more stable performance.

Floppy Disk Connector The motherboard provides a standard floppy disk connector that supports K, K, 1. Does not support Willamette CPU. In this panel, you can get model name and detail information in hints of all the chipset that are related to overclocking.


If the signal has been triggered, it will record to the CMOS and show the message on next boot-up. Normal A pin in the keyboard controller controls Gate A This completes the installation.

Biostar GV Micro drivers

By SPD defaultManual. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

System will update BIOS automatically and restart. Re-install ajdio and data using backup disks. Enabled Enable the function. Using Parallel port as Enhanced Parallel Port. Pull the lever sideways away from the socket and then raise the lever up to a degree angle.