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This is exactly what happened with the first Big Bertha drivers came out. But the term wood lives on, for now. If you hit a small draw then you probably don’t even need to worry about hitting a fade. The club, with your shaft preference is available for only PING Ping hits with 3 drivers that have actually been out with their latest line for the longest of the current generation of drivers for the manufacturers listed. It has a T-track weighting system, low Center of Gravity, and a multi-material body calibrated to distribute weight in a way that maximizes distance with the forgiveness to make your mishits playable. Assuming the pro is taking the ‘practice with the least forgiving head to groove a more consistent swing’ theory akin to hitting blades as a high handicapper then you might as well go for an unforgiving cc or lower head, such as the J33r, the J33p, rtp, etc.

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Do not purchase off rack. Aerodynamics You might have noticed that new drivers have more of a pointed back, like a triangle, compared to drivers that were more rounded. Does it rise into the air quickly or have a low, piercing flight? How does shaft length affect a driver? Basically, Callaway has connected the crown and sole of the driver, with titanium bars, in such a way that it stiffens the entire body of the club and reduces the amount of deformity on impact.

Drivers are too big – Golf Clubs – Team Titleist

Shaft Selection The M1 comes with 3 shaft selections to match your ball flight: Golf with the best for less! Ideally you should be custom fitted for your driver and during this process you may hear the phrase “Launch Conditions”. Face angle refers to the angle of the face at address.


Your driver just might be the most important club in your bag after your putter. The club is available in both a cc standard head, as well as a cc head, providing a large group to appeal to. A golf swing with a driver nln different from other clubs.

Advances in sweet spot technology, size, launch angle, composition, ball speed and forgiveness are just some of the categories that manufacturers now spend vast amounts of time and money researching and developing. To alot of us we feel the smaller headed driver is more visually appealing and therefore you have more confidence in your club and swing. Sign up for a new account in our community.

Best Non-460cc Driver options

Many say that the length of the shaft causes that, but I don’t buy it since it’s only about an inch difference. Pushing your 1st tee shot into the 18th fairway is a great way to shatter your confidence before your round even starts.

That was a sub cc Driver. The higher the MOI, the less likely a club is to twist or rotate when you strike the ball away from the centre of the face. Finally, the Tensei Red is the lightest in weight that will launch the ball high, brst a mid-spin rate, and high torque.

You might be on the right track using the F3 as a driver at Nest for your suggestions. You currently have javascript disabled.


Best Golf Driver | We Reviewed the Top Rated Drivers to BOMB it in 2018

The golf industry and its producers have a desire to get you to get the latest, and greatest. I understand the sentiment. Go ahead and hit it as hard and far as you can. One of my first metal drivers was a huge monster – it was cc!

Honestly, I’d recommend sticking with your current driver maybe look to get fit for a different shaft, possibly going into a 70 or 80 gram shaft, which nno for me. This driver is for the golf who has a fade to slice bias. If it turns the face towards the player it is called a closed face and adds loft to the face.

Posted 11 June – Then came the metal drivers with heads marginally bigger.

That being said, Ping attacks with the G-Series, a well-established name on tour and in amateur golf bags with three offerings, all aimed at specific players in mind. A bonus to the Front Track is that it doubles as a speed pocket as seen in many non-adjustable drivers that is designed to increase ball speed off the face. Advertise with us Privacy Terms.

If you want to play the driver swung by the Masters champion, Patrick Reed, here it is: