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Keep your singing sensations nice and clear across different frequencies Presets: Keeping the audiophile spirit and philosophy alive Four years after the debut of Essence STX — the long-term holder of the number-one position in Head-Fi’s Sound Cards segment, as voted by highly-satisfied users globally — ASUS remains committed to delivering ever better high-end sound cards to delight the most demanding audiophiles. The set includes everything you need to look good and secure victory — a headset, 7. Designed by leading music-industry engineers, Xonar D-KARA helps eager amateur singers shape their voice and indulge in the latest trend of sharing personal songs online. Singers can sing in real time and apply the kinds of enhancements that were previously the preserve of professional recording studios. Lets you pinpoint the exact location of in-game sounds and enhances critical audio details like enemy footsteps for an aural advantage – ohm headphone amplifier:

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Xonar U7 MKII 7.1 USB sound card with headphone amplifier, 192kHz/24-bit HD sound, 114dB SNR

One-click enables advanced settings for studio-like effect tuning. Asys more, Sonic Radar’s on-screen appearance and position is completely customizable, so you can make it work just the way you want, with whatever game you want!

With this powerful combination of Raid Mode and the audio control box, gamers no longer need to pause the game and open farso software to adjust their audio, ensuring they never miss a single moment of gaming action. Enjoy access to brilliant studio-grade audio tools Our team of audio experts developed Xonar D-KARAX with both simplicity and the most demanding users in mind — so it bubbles with studio-grade tools and features.


Go karaoke pro and sing with studio-grade effects and snappy setup

The wonder of incredible compact audio! Up to 16X audio clarity compared with the SNR ratios of average onboard audio.

Powerful sound from a compact and portable device Xonar U7 engineering overcomes the space and power supply limitations of other external USB-based audio devices to offer precise and immersive 7. Never again miss a note or a single beat!

Asus Garso Plokštė Xonar Essence STX II |

Clean and consistent power barso Essence STX II uses a dedicated four-pin Molex power connection rather than drawing power from the expansion slot like other cards, and that means a cleaner supply of electricity. Easily set up vocal effects with presets under each effect Advanced settings: Liko tik 5 vnt.

It delivers stunningly clear and impactful sound when listening with headphones or speakers that far surpasses onboard PC audio hardware. It has truly professional settings and effects if you’re in that studio rock or guitar ballad mood, while a special tunable preset supports a more flexible vocal range.

Optimized power delivery is further assured with high-fidelity low-dropout LDO regulators — unprecedented in the audio-card industry. Xonar U3 Plus gives you easy access to professional-grade karaoke features, so anyone can be a superstar! It delivers up to 7.

Modern games are more than graphics — precise audio positioning gives gamers a distinct edge over enemies. Xonar U7 Echelon Edition includes a headphone amplifier that supports headphones all the way up to ohm impedance — so you can plug in some seriously capable gaming cans to hear every in-game detail! Strix means survival on the very edge of instinct. Gain the gaming edge with Sonic Radar Pro!

Xonar D2X | Garso plokštės | ASUS Lietuva

Basically, fine components mean fine sound — Xonar U7 Echelon Edition pumps up every sound detail! Save your favorite vocal effect combination, and turn up the fun with easy activation Advanced settings: Great music needs to be shared — create your masterpiece and share them with family and friends Instant hotkeys: Easily adjust the sound for your ears Three swappable op-amp sockets Essence STX II benefits from swappable op-amp sockets that allow users to create different timbres and tonal combinations.


Fantastic sound quality Enjoy exquisite 7. Its compact design fits almost anywhere and is easily portable, so you can bring it with your laptop and enjoy great-sound audio on the go.

With the user-friendly interface, users can set up a professional grade home-recording studio in just minutes. Gain the gaming edge with Sonic Radar!

Take full control over loads of sound technologies via an intuitive, one-page interface – Sonic Radar Pro: Each can be applied with a single mouse click, allowing users to tune their voices with total simplicity — no expertise required. Enjoy access to brilliant studio-grade audio tools Everyone can be a super star via professional but easy karaoke features.

Remove vocal and leaving original source with music playback; great for music cover Stereo mix: It also gets power directly from the USB port, removing the need for a power adapter. Strix Raid DLX is a premium sound card set built with audiophile-grade components to satisfy gamers who demand ultimate audio performance. Asue Garantija fiziniams asmenims 40d.