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I am not a shill for Adams and honestly would have spent whatever it took to find the absolute best club for my swing. Dec 18, 40 Comments. Thanks for taking the time to come back and fill us in on your testing. I had three drivers, none of which I was happy with. Scott VanMeter 5 years ago. Dan, who normally misses the centerline by somewhere in the neighborhood of 22 yards, found that number improved to 16 yards with the Adams. I remember reading somewhere on here several days weeks?

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Low-Mid S 2. Looked like a pro driver. Why do you about how much it weighs coming from the OEM? I was curious however, as to why there was not table of the testers and driving results like in the F10 review. GolfSpy T 8 speeeline ago. I love and curse you because now I am thinking about getting fitted for the Miura irons based on how much you have raved about them. Blu Magoo 8 years ago. Great feel, great sound, Great all around.

As you may have already discovered on your own, there are other golf blogs out there which habitually give great reviews to nearly every product they review. I still have work sdams do before I would be comfortable trying a fade in competition, though this 9064sl has given me much more confidence. Thanks for taking the time to come back and let all the readers know your results.


Eric 7 years ago. David 8 years ago. Have you played both kzg and miura? Sign me up for the newsletter. I could not poke it out past yards!

I have been told that all three brands are forged in the same factory, is that true, and if so what would make the significant differences?

Adams ADJUSTABLE Speedline 9064LS

Rob 7 years ago. John, Unfortunately the newer review style requires a ridiculous amount of very specific formatting of data to generate those charts. My gf bought me a Ping G20 but its sound and feel quality is not what I expected.

My Ping and Cobra are slight draw bias. Been waiting for someone to do a good review. Clem 8 years ago. I posted two weeks ago under the Cobra S3 review that I had just broken the head off my current driver and was still looking for a replacement Thanks for such a candid write up of your drivers.

Posted 03 August – They are all awsome products.


Just got this driver and played it for the first time on Saturday Sept 3. Can this review be updated to include that information?

Adams Speedline LS DFS Driver at

I am an Adams guy, sell lots of it, believe in it, and play it. I only have one round under my belt but I immediately noticed the decrease side spin side spin too! This club has the looks for sure, and I am glad it stood up to your very tough testing!

They make me feel dirty, but the thing is, every so often, a club is truly worthy of a glowing review. Are you testing the driver or you trying to resell the driver?

Golf is my crack cocaine I guess. This is why I will keep coming back here. MJR 8 years ago.