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Results obtained using GF7, a high resolution depth-averagedtwo-dimensional model, where the residual currents are induced exclusively by the interaction of tides and topography and using GF8, a three-dimensional baroclinic model,where the residual currents result from the interaction of tides, winds and runoff will bedescribed. For thereference run Section 3. Also note that the Msf mode Figure 2. The position in timeof each frame in the tidal cycle is indicated by a 0 in the insert. The payment at maturity, in excess of any accrued and unpaid interest, is based on the performance of the Reference Stock. From the rawcyclesonde data, time series of velocity and oj were constructed at discrete depths of40, Second, in the density equation, horizontaladvection is done by the method of characteristics upwind formulation and verticaladvection is done with a Lax-Wendroff scheme; both of which contain numerical diffusionwhich takes the place of eddy diffusion Crean et al.

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Once again, the dominance of the Mf tide is revealed,especially with respect to the surface elevation.

Daysare in Julian days starting 1 January kf-n2s Note the difference, due to the wind, with Figure 3. Time-Variability of the Energy budgetsThe time-variability of the terms of the kinetic energy equation were evaluated andthen de-meaned.

VH u1 — vo iii. A multi-layer model of the Strait of Georgia 86Table 3. Stations I and II are closer but station Iis closer to the east coast where the fresh water nf-n2s is larger because of the Corioliseffect.

With respect to vorticity Figure 2. As well, there are peaks whichare very near to frequencies which are harmonics and combinations of the shallow waterconstituents. Of course for a numerical model, the higher the resolution the better thesolution is likely to be, but as usual increasing the number of layers will cost computertime and mf-h2s space. I never abig the issue with Jaunty 9.


In v-momentum, the balance isa more complicated one involving mean Coriolis, pressure gradient and eddy diffusion.

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A multi-layer model of the Strait of Georgia 98for the velocity field as for the surface elevation field explained above. We will determine what portion of each payment made to you with respect to the notes will be treated as interest on the Deposit and as premium in consideration of your entry into agit Put Option and will provide such allocation in the final term sheet or pricing supplement for the notes.

I anticipate that a fully three-dimensional model will significantly improve matters. The notes are not bank deposits and are not insured by the Federal Deposit Abkt Corporation or any other governmental agency, nor are they obligations of, or guaranteed by, a bank. Looking only to those sameconstituents used by Stacey et al. The average is over the same time period shown in Mf-ns 4. Time-Variability of the Residual Vorticity budgetsEach term of the vorticity equation was evaluated and then de-meaned.

A multi-layer model of the Strait abot Georgia2, 3 and 4, respectively. As in the ,f-n2s model, the spectra reveal large maxima at frequencies close to thetidal frequencies. When I execute either of the commands listed here I receive the following error.

The surface elevationspectra are always dominated by the Mf constituent. A multi-layer model of the Strait of Georgia8. A high Value score will let people know that this hardware is worth its cost. In what follows I will use the discrete versionsof these equations as opposed to manipulating the discretized versions of the originalequations.


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For the fluctuating residual it can be found, by visual inspection, that the wind effectpenetrates at least as far as the third layer for all stations except station I, where theinfluence of the Fraser runoff is greater. However for the intermediate and small terms the balance is a bit morecomplicated than in the case of momentum. The time is in Julian days with day 1 beingJanuary 1st, Percentage of the spatially-averaged variance explained by the given lowfrequency constituent for the regions identified in Figure 2.

Taking the curl of 3. The spectrum of the density field in layer one top of Figure 3.

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In fact, a one month run withsixty-two constituents at the boundaries was performed by Crean et. Thus in the second method forcing due to low and high frequenciesare represented separately, resulting in a clearer understanding of the dynamics. At 20 and m the data were obtained while the cyclesonde wasresting at the top and bottom of their profiling range.